About CablingOptional

As a network guy & all-around techie, I’m the first to admit that cabling is by no means optional!  From the coax connected to your cable modem to the structured cabling in your workplace to the fiber optic cabling that connects buildings, cities, and even continents, our modern connected world simply wouldn’t exist without cabling.  Within the broad discipline of data networking, cabling is an entire specialty.  Don’t know the difference between single-mode angle-polished LC & multi-mode MTRJ connectors?  Don’t worry — fortunately there are professionals who do, as without them there would be no Facebook or Netflix!

However, transmission of data without wires has become a central part of our lives over the last decade or so and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.  From Bluetooth to LTE & WiFi to 4G, we’re literally immersed in wireless data.  Of course, your Tweets aren’t staying on the airwaves over their entire journey from your tablet to a storage array somewhere deep in a data center, and in this blog I explore some of those exciting pieces of kit that make the modern world possible.


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